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PROS AND CONS EXPERIENCED BY EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES DURING LOCKDOWN We can say with a great amount of certainty that when President Ramaphosa informed the country of the national lockdown most employers and employees were unprepared for the challenges associated with the lockdown. Notwithstanding the challenges, many companies found their footing a few months down […]

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LEGISLATIVE AMENDMENTS GEARED TO PROTECTING DOMESTIC WORKERS Domestic workers (“dw“) and their contributions toward the growth of South Africa and its economy has previously not been recognised. Unfortunately, most dw are faced with poor employment conditions, are not properly remunerated for their work and generally undervalued. There does now however appear to be a shift […]

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HOW TO BECOME AN ATTORNEY OR ADVOCATE AND THEIR DIFFERENCES To become an attorney, one must first complete a Batchelor of Laws (LLB) degree at a recognised university in South Africa. Thereafter one must secure articles of clerkship, a form of an internship, at a practising law firm as a candidate attorney or clerk. Articles […]

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