Our firm has a professional, yet informal and personal approach with clients. We understand that some clients may not be used to dealing with attorneys or consultants and as well as exhibiting a good sense of humour, we aim to inform and educate so as to make the process of seeking legal advice as non-threatening as possible.

When a client initially approaches us, we will speak to them briefly about the issue or situation, which enables us to determine whether or not it falls into our area of expertise. If it is not something with which we can assist, we will refer the client to one of our colleagues, who may be able to assist. Over the years we have established a network of trusted professionals, who share our values and display the same commitment to client service.

If we can assist, we will set up a consultation time to meet and take detailed instructions. On setting up the meeting, we send clients our terms and conditions as well as our FICA requirements, as we are required in terms of FICA to establish and verify the identity of our clients before establishing a business relationship or concluding a transaction with them.

Throughout the process, whether it is advisory or requires litigation, we work every step of the way with each client giving personal service and attention. We undertake to answer queries promptly via email or telephone. The attorney-client relationship is based on trust, honesty and integrity. As part of our educative role, we have put together tips for appointing an attorney, which we hope will guide anyone considering seeking legal representation.