How can we support your efforts to secure fair labour practices?

We work with individuals who need specialised employment advice in relation to a particular workplace situation or who require assistance in litigating against their employer. Our services include Dispute Resolution, Advisory Services and Customised Documentation.

Due to the uncertainty and costs of litigation, we endeavour to offer our clients pragmatic and creative solutions to adversarial litigation when feasible. Our comprehensive range of services relating to dispute resolution include:

  • Appearances at forums such as the CCMA, Bargaining and Statutory Councils, Labour Court, Labour Appeal Court, High Court and Supreme Court of Appeal.
  • Arbitrations, applications, actions in relation to dismissals, alleged unfair labour practices, and payment disputes.
  • Acting for employees over non-payment of wages, overtime, leave and retrenchment pay.

We offer a full range of services for enforcement of employees’ rights:

  • Advice on rights under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA), the Labour Relations Act (LRA) and employment contracts including leave, sick leave and overtime.
  • Advice relating to disciplinary action, performance management, retrenchment or incapacity hearings.
  • Preparation for and attending (where appropriate) internal hearings.
  • Objective analysis of work circumstances and merits for unfair dismissal or unfair labour practice claims.
  • Assistance in negotiation of employment contracts, restraint of trade, confidentiality, termination and settlement agreements.

We draft a full range of customised legal documents relating to:

  • disciplinary action, retrenchment, constructive dismissal, performance management and incapacity.
  • employment contracts.
  • restraint of trade and confidentiality agreements.